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Joonas kirsi

Interpreter, translator and sole proprietor
Full member of the The Finnish Association of Translators and Interpreters (SKTL)

I am a professional interpreter and a translator, and I have a master’s degree in East-Asian Studies at University of Helsinki. Tulkkitoimisto Kurki is a sole propriety I founded in 2017 after two years of building up work experience in Japan. See here for the story behind the company name.

I have acquired interpreting-related qualifications in both Finland and Japan. In 2013 I acquired the Vocational Qualification for Community Interpreters, authorized by the Finnish National Board of Education. In 2016, during my sojourn in Japan, I completed a year-long training for medial interpreters organised by Osaka University. In addition, my university studies included extensive modules in Translation Studies and Finnish Language Studies for Interpreters.

I have several years of experience working as an interpreter and a translator, and on working on the Japanese culture in general. The range of topics of my past assignments is quite wide and covers several specialities from technology to the arts.


Here are some examples of the services that I provide.


You can order an interpreter…

  • up on the stage with the speaker for seminars and public events.
  • to whisper the interpretation in your ear simultaneously for events held in a foreign language
  • to accompany you on a cultural or technical visit or for an interview anywhere in Finland (please inquire for abroad visits and coordination).
  • for delicate situations that require non-disclosure of information.
  • on the telephone to interpret for you wherever you are (currently available within Finland)
  • for an event’s official part as well as the unofficial part with terms of service negotiated separately.


I translate…

  • all kinds of text ranging from patent applications to websites.
  • carefully for texts intended for the public, or quickly for text intended for internal use.
  • in cooperation with a proofreader and other professionals.

I do not offer authorized translations of official documents required by Finnish authorities in some cases, but I can help you find a qualified translator. (Persons fluent in Finnish or Swedish, please start by checking the list of currently registered authorized translators by the Finnish National Board of Education.)
I mainly operate in the capital region of Finland, but I am available for assignments anywhere in the country or even abroad. Please inquire.


You can contact me by telephone.
TEL:+358 50 3465 048
(Timezone: GMT+2 or +3)